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     Treasure Found           
     A Valentines Day story for those
                  who believe in
With one glimpse he knew she was missing
from his life. He had to convince her she was
his true treasure.
Little Color In His Life
A contemporary romance for todays adult reader.

Using a personal project to insinuate himself into
her life has consequences neither could have

Another Man's LOVE

He accepted a strangers invitation.
His life will never be the same.
      The Proxy Wife

She haunts his dreams and torments his
waking hours just beyond his grasp.
Romance novels for todays adult reader by Cheryl A. Cornell
Hiding In Plain Sight

Vaughn will never give her
heart until she's free of her

What The Heart Hears

Is Gina his Muse?

The Legacy of Grace

Can love overcome her family legacy?

These novels now available through www.redrosepublishing.com
Worth The Wait

Can two old friends reconcile
their unrequited lust?