Romance novels for todays adult reader
       by Cheryl A. Cornell
Writing romance novels has been a long time dream for me.
Relocating to a rural setting several years ago, my husband and I
found our little slice of paradise.
Along with it came the time and inspiration I needed to sit down and
actually start writing.
While I'll always be a New Yorker at heart we both love our adopted home.
The content of this site is for adults only and is not meant for
anyone under the age of l8. If you are not l8, please exit this site.
         The Proxy Wife

Avery finds the man of her dreams exists        
then learns he's beyond her grasp.
Mitch is smitten; she haunts his dreams         
and torments his waking hours.

     Another Man's Love

He accepted a strangers invitation.
His life will never be the same.
Treasure Found

A historical special for Valentines.

With one glimpse he knew what was
missing from his life. He had to
convince her she was his true treasure.
A Little Color In His Life

Using a personal project to insinuate
himself into her life has consequences
neither could have imagined.
Worth The Wait

Can old friends reconcile unrequited lust
from their younger days?
Maiden's Hope

Billie and Ward are still attracted to each other, but a
relationship will have to wait until they discover who is
trying to run her off her land and why.
His Prepared Lady

Mac is reluctant to take the offered job of
securing Ronnie's new homestead. He
comes to the conclusion that she isn't an
extremist, but rather a realist.
Her Knight in Rusty Armor

Will antagonistic neighbors find common
ground when their personal lives become
intertwined through forces beyond their
What The Heart Hears

Is she only his muse, or is she the woman
he's waited for all his life?
Hiding In Plain Sight        Coming in the fall of 2019.

Tony is enjoying his second career as a private
investigator. But he'll never win Vaughn's heart until
she's free of her past.